A Guide To Braided Rugs

Braided rugs are very much in fashion these days as they look far more different than regular rugs. Persian antique rugs, traditional rugs, and natural fiber rugs have long been popular among the general public but it looks like, they got some competition nowadays!

Here’s all you should know about braided rugs.

How’s A Braided Rug Made?

Well, a braided rug requires more of a technical effort, so to say. In order to give a unique touch to the rug, two or more than two rug-strips are braided together using a strong and firm upholstery thread. Making a braided rug isn’t an easy thing and no dabbler can perfect the art. It takes one professional to come up with a braided rug with finesse and inch-perfection.

DIY braided rugs are nearly impossible. You can try doing it yourself but you would perhaps end up coming up with a bad one that might or might not linger for a certain period of time. It will require a great amount of force from your side because all the braids have got to be tight and unyielding; you cannot go loose on some of it and tighten the rest of it, or else, it will look like a rare combination.

How To Maintain/Clean A Braided Rug?

Just like any other rug, a braided rug will also require regular vacuuming and dusting. There is no exception to it. You have to vacuum it once a week at the least or twice if you like being more of a cleanliness-freak. Just because a braided rug looks tough on the outside, doesn’t mean it would not require a due amount of care and attention. You cannot afford to turn a blind eye towards it after placing it in one of your house’s nooks. You should do these two things on a regular basis to keep your rug maintained:

  • Vacuum it once a week.
  • Take it to the backyard to give it a swift dusting twice a week.

Never Place A Braided Rug On A Damp Floor No Matter What The Floor’s Made Of

It might sound a bit strange to hear but braided rugs cannot be trusted when it comes to color. They might not be able to hold onto their color if they are made wet or even slightly damp. So, in case you are mopping the floor, you definitely need to remove the braided rug for some time. Only when the floor is completely dry, you can lay it down once again. If you leave a damp/wet rug on the floor, it will certainly leave color. If you have a wooden floor, it might be left with some colorful spots. Now, those colorful spots may or may not vanish depending on how long they have been there. If you are in luck and you notice them in less time, all it will take to get rid of them is a quick cleanup.

If It Needs Minor Repairs, It Is Better To Find A Professional

Braided rugs are prone to get slightly defaced. Just because their manufacturing involves a lot of threads, it is possible that these threads get pulled out. If you notice one such thing that needs to be mended immediately, just take a pair of scissors and try to separate the thread from the rest of the body. You need to take a thorough look at the problem, take a chance with it only when you are absolutely sure it is your cup of tea. Otherwise, do not take any risk. Find a professional on the internet who knows his stuff & is ready to help you. Since braided rugs are intricately designed, they don’t need to be messed with.

It Definitely Gives Your Home A Bohemian Touch

People who like to go a bit off the center to enjoy the unique taste of life would definitely like having at least more than one braided rug in their home. Bohemian music, bohemian clothes, bohemian interior — all these things are all the rage these days. If you want your home decor to have a slight bohemian touch, you should definitely look for braided rug when selecting from rugs on sale Northern VA.

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