What Are The Alternatives Of Keratin Treatment

Recently, some people are switching from their special keratin treatment to the alternatives. Well, that’s because keratin treatment uses Formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen. And for sure, no one wants to expose their hair to something bad. So, before you go to a keratin treatment salon, here’s the list of the alternatives you can try.

Things You Need To Know Before Going Ahead

It is to be kept in mind that whatever alternative you for, they don’t contain Formaldehyde. Even they contain no other such ingredients that put your safety at risk. So, you can use them without a doubt.

But the safe ingredients will not give you Formaldehyde like results. Neither will they make your hair pin-straight. These treatments are mostly glycolic-acid based. Now let’s explore what they and how they work.

Japanese Hair Straightening

The outcomes of this treatment are quite similar to the keratin treatment. It makes your hair sleek, shiny, and straight to some extent. Or you can say it turns your wavy, curly hair into sleek straight, but that too with a bit of payback.

Also, this treatment claims to be permanent. Well, you need touch-ups, or else the grow-out phase will be awkward.


  • No Formaldehyde
  • Permanent Treatment


  • It may contain harsh chemicals other than Formaldehyde
  • The new growths will have a natural texture of your hair, making an awkward mixture of straight and natural hair.

Tourmaline Hair Smoothing Treatment

It is an at-home hair smoothing treatment and is relatively easy on your bucks. Also, the plus point is its formaldehyde-free formula. So, all in all, this treatment is very similar to keratin hair straightening. It gives to shiny, straight, and frizz-free hair at home.


  • Formaldehyde-free formula
  • At-home treatment
  • Budget-friendly
  • It contains tourmaline powder and vitamins


  • As it is a DIY process, it might get wrong.
  • It is less potent than an in-salon service.

Keratin Cure Gold And Honey Bio Treatment

This treatment is a healthy alternative to the keratin one. It full-fills all the demands of a protein treatment. So, if your hair is dry, rough, and frizzy, you can go for this treatment. But, do not expect your hair to be pin-straight.

It will only smoothen your hair and make them frizz-free. So, if you got curly hair, then after this treatment, they’ll turn into super soft waves. Moreover, like other chemical treatments, it doesn’t make your hair rough and dry. Even if it’s a hydra pump to your dull and dry hair. Additionally, your hair will get moisture after this treatment.


  • Hydrated and Smooth Hair
  • Bouncy Hair
  • Hair is washable on the same day of the treatment


  • Only last for 3 months
  • Strong Odor

Unique Amino Style Keratin Treatment

Your dry, damaged, and frizzy hair needs protein to lock up the moisture and volume back into them. This Amino-style keratin treatment is all that you need to restore your damaged hair. It might not give you straight hair, but it will reduce frizz and lock your hair moisture inside them.

And after this treatment, if you want to get straight hair, you can achieve that with a few flat iron strokes only. So, it reduces your styling time. Moreover, you can also give your pre-chemically treated hair this treatment. It’s completely safe. But it is good if you color your hair after the treatment.


  • Smooth, shiny, and frizz-free hair
  • Reduces styling time
  • Allows hair coloring the same day of the treatment


  • Not permanent
  • Do not give you pin-straight hair

Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian blowout hair straightening is also widespread as an alternative to a keratin treatment. But you should keep in mind that it contains Formaldehyde. So, you have to do deep research about the ingredients to make sure the treatment you’re having is formaldehyde-free. Ask your stylist beforehand about the sources of the ingredient.

This process also gives you smooth, sleek, and frizz-free hair.


  • Smooth and straight Hair
  • No frizz


  • Last for 4 months only
  • No chemical treatments for 4 months
  • Might contain Formaldehyde
Final Word

Even though there are hair-care companies that claim their keratin treatment to be formaldehyde-free. But still, it’s good to be a little cautious. Also, there are chances that those keratin products contain formaldehyde donors. Therefore, choosing a safe option with the expertise of hairstylists at a permanent hair straightening salon Rockville is always best.

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