Commercial Ice Cream Freezer Troubleshooting Tips

Commercial ice cream freezers are key to businesses that specialize in selling ice creams. These appliances have to perform without any breaks for days. Even a slight problem can cause food spoilage and hurt the business. Fortunately, most of the commercial ice cream freezer problems are easy to solve. We will discuss some important troubleshooting tips to help you get through a complicated situation in no time. But if the problem persists, don’t hesitate to contact a commercial kitchen appliance repair service. Let’s begin!

Leaking Water

A common issue commercial ice cream freezers have to face is leaking water. The severity can vary so it may or may not be a complicated situation to deal with. Leakages could take place due to a variety of reasons but you should be familiar with the causes.

First, you need to make sure the drain pipe is not clogged. With time, dirt, dust, and debris may accumulate in the drain pipes leading to blockage. Try cleaning the pipe to see if that solves the issue. Next, you need to check the evaporator coils to make sure they are getting cold enough.

Evaporator coils are located at the rear but the area or position might slightly vary. Also, the coils could be icing up. To access the coils, you are going to need special tools and a user manual. However, since we are talking about commercial freezers, it would be better for you to consult an expert.

Handling a problem such as leaking water might seem easy but commercial ice cream freezers are slightly complicated. If you are not familiar with troubleshooting, you might end up causing significant damage or injury.

Making Strange Noises

Most noises that you hear from your commercial ice freezer are normal while running. However, it can also produce a squeaking or any other weird sound. While running, the unit will produce a slight humming sound, but if it is accompanied by an unusual noise, it means there is a problem.

A squeaking problem mostly indicate a bearing that needed replacement. But the belt could worn as well. Furthermore, the condenser might be problematic as well. If that is the case, you must contact an expert. Keep in mind that commercial ice cream freezers comprise several different parts.

The compressor is one of the most important parts of an ice cream freezer, so you do not want to replace it often. It is neither a cheap replacement nor an easy one to replace. Therefore, do not put your hands where they do not belong. If the noise is getting louder, you should shut down the unit and consult an expert. Ignoring and waiting for it to go away on its own leads to additional problems in most cases.

The Compressor Is Always Running

Compressors are designed to automatically trip once the desired temperature is achieved. But, if you observe it running for hours, the freezer is facing a problem. During the summer season, the compressor might run a bit longer but not the entire day.

Then again, a compressor working throughout the day could lead to different potential causes. For instance, it could be that the gaskets or seals are damaged, cracked, or leaking. This will let the cool air escape and cause the compressor to work harder than usual to maintain the temperature. As a result, you will also experience a rise in the energy bills.

Furthermore, the thermostat could also be an issue. If you have installed an aftermarket unit, it might need a battery replacement or recalibration. However, since commercial refrigeration equipment come with in-built thermostats, the control panel might be defective.

The Compressor Won’t Run

Compressors are tough and rigid components designed to last several years but can also need replacement if the freezer is not looked after. Compressors only rely on maintenance to work effortlessly. They utilize refrigerants to produce cool air.

With time, the compressors become weak even if they are well-maintained. In such cases, there is no other solution but to replace it. But, if your commercial ice cream freezer is new and the compressor gives up, you can get it replaced under warranty.

At the same time, if the compressor or the freezer is older than a decade, you should probably forget about replacing the compressor and invest in a new unit. A freezer having years of work experience under its belt is most likely going to experience problems sooner or later.

At this point, buying a new unit instead of spending on expensive replacements is going to be a smart decision. And, when it comes to replacing a compressor, make sure you select the right replacement. Compressors might look the same from the outside but vary in terms of function.

If in warranty, contact the manufacturer and if not, get in touch with commercial refrigerator services Alexandria. An expert will check your ice cream freezer and find out the severity of the problem.  The expert will also consider the age of the appliance before the replacement of the compressor. If the ice cream freezer is too old or it has many other problems, they may suggest replacing the ice cream freezer.

Icing Up

Commercial ice cream freezers icing up is another problem that could be both irritating and frustrating. Modern commercial ice cream freezers are smart and come with an automatic defrost function that helps remove the ice when it builds up on the coils.

However, if the weather conditions are such that the unit is not able to do so, you might have to do it manually. For instance, when it’s snowing outside, you will need to use a shovel to gently remove the layers of ice. Moreover, your freezer could also ice up due to low refrigerant levels.

In this case, you will notice ice forming up continuously after you have removed it. This means the weather is not the culprit but something else. This could be a tricky situation and will surely need an expert’s attention.

Refrigerant Problems

As mentioned previously, commercial ice cream freezers require a certain amount of refrigerant to produce cool air. This refrigerant is contained inside a metal container that prevents it from escaping. But, with time, due to wear and tear, the container might develop rust and cracks.

This leads to refrigerant leaks. In these cases, you will notice that the compressor runs for hours and does not turn off. This is because it is working harder than usual due to the leak. Eventually, the compressor heats up and dies as well.

One way to avoid such a problem is by performing regular maintenance. If possible, opt for expert maintenance as it involves both inspection and maintenance. Professional inspection helps diagnose and fix problems before they become severe. This way, you keep your business from hurting especially during busy days.


Troubleshooting a commercial ice cream freezer can be pretty simple if you were to follow the tips mentioned above. Make sure that you maintain your ice cream freezer and keep your eyes and ears out for unusual sounds and symptoms so you can consult a commercial ice cream freezer repair Northern VA expert on time. This will help prevent situations from turning worse.

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