Forklifts Vs Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes and forklifts are both used in picking up heavy materials in industrial applications. But when it comes to choosing one of these two from a small crane renal, you are usually left with pros and cons of both of these options.

If you are seeing any damage in your facility because of the use of forklifts, this might be the perfect time to upgrade your material handling equipment. If this problem is not resolved, it can cause injuries and many other problems in your facility.

You might also be thinking of adding an overhead crane to your facility to increase your load lifting capacity.

Forklifts and overhead cranes are two different options for picking up heavy materials in industrial applications, and you usually have to choose one of these for your business. While both of these two options do the same thing, there are certain fundamental differences between these two.

Here is a comparison of forklifts and overhead cranes which you should read before choosing one of these options.


Forklift is a small material handling vehicle which can be operated by an operator from the ground level. As the name suggests, forklifts have two extending forks which can be used to lift up heavy weights up to a certain limit. You can rent forklifts from crane renting agency.

Here are some of the benefits of using forklifts.


Forklifts are way smaller as compared to overhead cranes, and thus enjoy more mobility. Unlike overhead cranes, forklifts are not limited to a certain place, and can be driven around in the facility to move the heavy materials around. They can be used to operate in narrow places.

Additionally, forklifts are way cheaper as compared to overhead cranes. However, since forklifts use occasional maintenance checks and repairs, it is possible that the long-term cost of having a forklift is greater than the initial price of buying an overhead crane.


Usually, forklifts only last for about a decade and a half. This is in comparison to overhead cranes, which can last up to 65 years, or even more depending on how you maintain them in the long run. So, because forklifts last for a short period of time, businesses usually leave them instead of buying them straight away.

Also, the extending forks of a forklift are limited in their dimensions, and also, this limits the dimensions of the heavy equipment you can lift with them.

Additionally, since forklifts can move around like a regular car, they are more susceptible to damage as compared to overhead cranes.

Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes have a bridge and two runways on which that bridge travels to transfer the heavy materials from one place to the other. A hoisting mechanism is used on the overhead cranes to attach heavy materials with them and move them around.

Here are some benefits of using overhead cranes in industrial applications.


As we just mentioned above, overhead cranes can last up to 65 years and even more depending on the maintenance and upkeep they receive during their lifetime. That is because overhead cranes are confined to one location, and are designed to be used in heavy applications without causing any issues.

Also, because overhead cranes are limited to one place, they minimize the chances of accidents in your facility. It can also save you lots of precious space since the overhead crane is really high and takes almost no space on the ground.

There are also many overhead cranes which are designed specifically for certain purposes. You can also get a customized overhead crane made for your specific industrial application.


One of the obvious disadvantages of Buying overhead cranes is that they cost a lot of money initially. That is why many businessmen refrain from buying these greens in the first place. However, keep in mind that overhead cranes usually cost less as compared to forklifts when it comes to working costs in the long run.

Larger overhead cranes also need a proper supporting mechanism in order to keep working in your facility. Also, since these cranes take up a lot of space near the ceiling of your facility, you will need to lower the overall height of your storage racks in order to accommodate the crane in your facility.

So, weigh in the pros and cons of both the industrial cranes before looking for a crane for rent VA.

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