Most common types of AC repairs

The summer season is already here. So, at some point, you will have to call HVAC repair services for a thorough inspection and maintenance of your air conditioners. This would, of course, be important for you before turning on your ACs.

But worry not, because we are here to help you out with that process. That is because we understand that getting an AC repaired is an overwhelming job. Of course, you do not need to know the technicalities of this process. However, still knowing the basics may be important.

This way, you will know what the technician is doing. You may as well be able to figure out if you are being over-charged. Some contractors intentionally spend a greater number of hours on the job. So, learn about it and prevent yourself from being charged more than what is needed.

Common Types of AC Repairs

Sometimes when your air conditioning system breaks down, the problem is very small and can be fixed right away. However, sometimes the problems run deep down and require proper fixing. Let us look at some of the most common types of air conditioning repairs.

Refrigerant leakage

Refrigerants are liquids that absorb heat and cool the environment down. However, sometimes the refrigerants end up leaking. When this happens, your air conditioner will stop cooling the room properly. So, make sure that the refrigerant is always at its proper levels.

This is not a big problem and can be fixed in no time. But of course, you will need the help of a technician who will make use of advanced equipment to sort out your air conditioner.

Drainage issues

Drainage issues are also very common in air conditioners. Sometimes, the drip pan and condensate drain lines end up developing clogs that prevent the proper flow. When this happens, drainage issues arise in the air conditioner.

This is a more complex problem and may take slightly more time in comparison with normal refrigerant leakage problems.

If you have excess condensation, then it will also affect the humidity levels indoor while affecting the performance of your air conditioner. Eventually, the components of your air conditioner can also end up getting damaged due to this.

But worry not because it is quite simple to correct this problem. All that your air conditioner expert will do is inspect the lines and the drip pan. Then, the expert will simply clear the clogs and test the AC again.

Broken compressor fans

This is another problem that occurs with air conditioners. When this happens, your air conditioner will stop cooling altogether. Furthermore, broken fans can also cause the system to overheat. If you do not fix this problem and keep running your air conditioner, it can get severely damaged. Eventually, it will lead to a shut-down.

And most certainly, you would not want that. So, make sure that the condenser fan is always working. If you see that it is not working combined with hindered performance, just turn the unit off. Give an air conditioning contractor a call as soon as possible!


We hope that you now know about the most common air conditioner problems that you can face. You cannot sort any of these problems out if you are a layman. So, we suggest you do not take it upon yourself to explore the issue. Otherwise, you may do more damage than improvement.

Just give AC repair services Woodbury a call right away and get your issues sorted. Just make sure that you have done enough research before choosing any contractor for the job. Always choose the best companies for a seamless experience.

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