Guide To Baseboard Trim Installation

Professional baseboard trim installation requires expert knowledge and precision. Some people think that they only need to cut the boards to size and place them in place. Far from this. In addition to having the cutting skills, you also need the necessary tools to do the job. For a professional job, hire a baseboard contractor to help you with the installation.

Guide to installing baseboards

There are two types of baseboards you can install: painted and non-painted. Installing painted baseboards is much easier. Before you begin the installation, ask a painting contractor to paint the board. You can also paint it on your own if you have the skills.

For a great look use a color that complements your floor. If you just installed a floor, you will have to use the trim to cover the crack left around the perimeter of the room.

To smoothly install the baseboard, you need to have the necessary tools. You will need a chop or miter saw to do it. You will also need a stud finder to help you with the nailing of the studs. It’s usually a challenge to install the trim on a dry wall as the wall doesn’t leave a gap of a few inches. This brings in the problem of nailing the bottom part of the baseboard.

The best way to fix this problem is to cut narrow strips of plywood that are of the same thickness as the drywall sheets and use them to fill the gap.

After you have cut and nailed the baseboard to the walls, it’s common to find uneven crack lines along the top of the baseboard. To fix this problem, experts recommend that you do caulking. When applying the material take caution that you don’t use too much of it. You also should fill the set holes with wood filler or caulking.

Installing non-painted baseboards is harder as you can’t use the caulking to hide the cracks or hide any errors you might have made during the installation. You should install the unit in such a way that the baseboard lies flat against the wall.

These are tips on how to install the various types of baseboards. As mentioned, installing painted baseboards is easier thus before you begin the project, hire local painting contractors to paint them. As rule of thumb, use a color that complements the look of your house.

How you prepare, your home is crucial for the quality of painting you achieve. The way you prepare the surface depends on the substances on it. Some of the ways you undertake the preparation include:

Power washing: If the surface isn’t too dirty you can simply clean it with a piece of cloth, but if painting the exterior of the surface and it’s too dirty, power wash it. The pressure washer will remove all the dirt and any debris that might have buildup in the house. For ideal results, work your way from the top to the bottom in a smooth, controlled manner. You should overlap each stroke by 8 inches for perfect results.

In addition to washing the surfaces, you also need to repair any damaged areas. This is important if you are painting an old house. Look for damaged surfaces on metal, masonry, wood, stucco, siding and fix any issues they might be having. If the areas are rotten, remove them but if cracked or has holes, use a putty knife to apply epoxy filler on them.

Choose the right paint

Even if you correctly prepare your surfaces, you won’t have perfect results if you use the wrong paint. There are two main types of paints you can use: water and oil based. Water paints are easily cleaned with soap and water, dry up quickly, and have low odor. Oil based paints, on the other hand, are durable, stain-resistant, and flow smoothly. Most painting contractors prefer the oil based units. While they are expensive to purchase, they look great for long.

Use the right painting tools

You can use two primary painting tools: brush and roller. The brush is ideal for use when you are painting on the edges, narrow surfaces, and smaller areas. A roller, on the other hand, is ideal for use in larger areas. Whether you are using a roller or brush, ensure that you use a high-quality unit. This calls for you to buy it from a reputable store.


These are some of the things you should know when thinking of painting your house. If the project is small, you can go ahead and paint the house on your own but if it’s large, hire local painting contractors to help you with the work.

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