Which Hair Extensions Are The Most Comfortable?

Hair extensions are great and all, but since it’s summer, you’re probably looking for comfortable extensions. Here is a list of extensions offered by hair extensions salons from the most comfortable ones to the ones that will make you want to rip your hair out.

Microlink Extensions

The secret is out! Microlink hair extensions are by far the most comfortable extensions that you can put in your hair. They are truly a breeze for the hair, so much so, that you won’t even feel like they’re in your hair. Microlink extensions are extensions made out of human hair, so they’re very natural-looking.

On top of that, the way by which they’re fused on the hair is through a ring that is fastened on the hair, so there are no kinks or bumps in your hair, making these extensions almost invisible, which is why they’re known as invisible extensions.

Microlink extensions may be comfortable on the hair, but they can be a bit of a hassle to apply. These extensions have to be applied at the salon because at home, it’s virtually impossible to get these bad boys on, even if you have another pair of hands to help you out.

These extensions are applied in the following manner:

  • Sections are made on the hair, ensuring that they are on the crown of the head and behind the ears, because these are the two most common places where women need a lot of volume and there’s plenty of hiding space too, not that microlink extensions need any to begin with.
  • A section parallel to the scalp is braided tightly into a braid. This is a “rope” of sorts that will hold the microlinks in place.
  • The rings of hair extensions are applied on the braid and fastened with a set of hair extension pliers.
  • The stylist repeats this process until all the extensions are applied and that’s pretty much it.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions are the next in line when it comes to comfort. They’re comfortable because they are attached to the hair with burette-like clips, but the kicker is that they’re very easy to apply too. You don’t necessarily have to visit a salon to get clip-in hair extensions applied to your hair.

This quality gives clip-in extensions extra brownie points, as compared to microlink extensions, because nothing can beat comfort and ease of application. To apply these extensions:

  • Once the hair is sectioned off and brushed to get rid of any kinks and tangles, the clip-in extensions are applied mostly on the crown of the head because it’s the part of the head with the most hair on it and this gives the extensions a lot of space to remain hidden.
  • You can also apply the extensions on the sides of the head, just at the back of the temples and that’s pretty much it.
  • These extensions are available in human hair as well as the synthetic variety, but they’re really easy to apply and remove, so you can use them a couple of times before it is time to get new ones.
  • Clip-in extensions are also a cheaper option than microlink extensions, so if you’re someone who uses hair extensions daily, then clip-in extensions will be the ones you want to go for because they won’t break the bank.

Halo Crown Extensions

Next in line are the halo crown extensions and they’re the easiest to apply and decently comfortable too. Halo crown extensions are just like how they sound.

The extensions are looped over a stretchy halo-like thread and it’s applied onto the crown of the head and then clipped in place. Think of them as clip-in extensions but with an added stretchy string. Here are some things you should know about these extensions:

  • These extensions can only be applied to the crown of the head. If you need more volume, then you might need extra clip-in extensions to apply on the side of the head, otherwise, the halo crown extensions come in pretty much a single piece that’s secured on the crown.
  • They’re seamless, which makes them great for use, even in thin hair.
  • These extensions are mostly available in the synthetic variety, but there have been human hair additions made to the extensions too.
  • You can easily apply and remove them as you want, but the clips will hurt your head so they’re not the most comfortable.
  • They are available in many textures. So, if you got out of a Japanese hair straightening salon Potomac and need straight halo extensions, you will easily find them.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in extensions aren’t the easiest to apply and they’re not as comfy either as the previous options. However, they’re still pretty famous among women and it has to do with how long-lasting they are.

They are semi-permanent extensions and even though they’re not as long-lasting as microlink extensions, for the price you’re paying, you get pretty amazing longevity, so it’s a win-win situation for anyone. Here are some things you need to know about tape-in hair extensions:

  • A strong adhesive is used to apply these extensions and fuse them to the hair, but this adhesive can irritate the scalp, so you must do a patch test first, before getting these extensions on the mane.
  • These extensions are fused by heat and they can stick out, thanks to the band being thick and sturdy. So, these extensions can tend to peek out of the hair.
  • If not applied correctly, tape-in extensions can hurt the head and you’ll want to rip them out because they will be pulling on the strands.
  • These extensions are somewhat permanent. You can’t remove them as you please, because applying them is a whole debacle, so if you want to sport voluminous hair for a long time, then these extensions are great, otherwise, you’ll want these wefts out of your hair, because they’re borderline uncomfortable.

Sew-In Extensions

The most uncomfortable hair extensions of them all have to be sew-in hair extensions. Even the name will send an uncomfortable jolt through your body that you will feel all the way up to your scalp. These extensions are sewn on the actual hair with a needle and thread.

Now don’t worry, because it’s not a surgical procedure, the wefts are sewn on a braid that’s close to the hair sections, but the process is pretty time-consuming. Here are some things you should know about sew-in hair extensions:

  • Sew-in hair extensions can or cannot be expensive. It depends on how many wefts you want in the hair and what salon you’re going to.
  • Just like tape-in extensions, if sew-in extensions aren’t applied in a proper way, then you’ll want to rip them out because they itch like crazy and the hair just won’t look natural.
  • You can’t remove these extensions once they’re applied. Even for removal, you’re going to have to go to a salon and that’s a major hassle.
  • You need to be careful when brushing these extensions out, especially when they’re applied. Using a normal brush with bristles will get stuck.


This hair extensions list, based on comfort, is your go-to guide if you are looking to sport long and voluminous hair. You can also ask hair experts at salons that do hair extensions Potomac for the most comfortable extensions.

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