How To Pick A Quartz Countertop Edge

The one thing that completes your quartz kitchen countertops is the edge. The edges of a countertop might seem quite insignificant, but it makes all the difference. Here’s how to pick a quartz countertop edge, if you don’t know where to start.

Know The Options First

There are a lot of choices for countertop edges. If you want to know which one is perfect for you, then first you need to know what are your options.

First, you have the simple square edges. These edges are pointy at the end but they can be quite dangerous if there is a lot of foot traffic in your kitchen. The pointy edges can poke your children in vital places like the eyes or face.

The next option is the rounded edge. These edges are considered to be safer than normal square edges. The edges also don’t let water or liquid settle and it trickles down with ease.

Next, we have waterfall edges. They are similar to a combination of rounded and square edges. The edges are softened and rounded from the top but the base of the edge is pointy like a squared edge countertop.

Next, you have the half bevel countertop edge. It is like a slanted standard edge countertop, but it looks extremely elegant. This is a great choice if you want to add a little something to your countertops without going all out. It looks beautiful yet minimal at the same time.

Another is the full bullnose countertop edge. This edge has a protruded circular or rounded edge and it has finished off with a straight bottom. This edge design is really beautiful and it adds a little bit of royal appeal to your countertops. It makes the countertop look bigger and more appealing as well.

If you want to add something more premium and make your countertops look slimmer, then you can go for the double quarter edge. This edge has pencil thin rounded edges along the countertop which gives the countertop a slimmer and more classic look. Whereas bullnose countertop edges look bulky, the quarter edge looks slim and thin and makes the countertop look fragile yet beautiful.

You Can Change The Material Of The Edges

Now that you know what are the different options of edges you can choose from, it is now time for some creativity and out of the box thinking. If you want, you can change up the material of the edges to your liking. Yes, you heard it right. You can change the material of the edges to give the countertop a more characteristic and personal appeal. You can choose from granite, concrete, ceramic, etc.

The best option would be something that is strong and durable because the edges of the countertop are prone to chipping and breaking. You want to finish the edges with a material which is strong and durable so that it doesn’t break. Quartz and granite are your best options for this.

The Edges Should Be Safe From Chips

As mentioned above, the edges of the countertop are the most fragile part. You need to be careful that the edges don’t chip and break under high impact. Cracked or chipped countertop edges don’t look appealing at all. This is why the selection of design of the edges is so important. You can’t just select a design for the edge on a whim. You need to be mindful about the fact that the edges will constantly be at risk of impact. This is why straight and pointy edges are nullified from the options.

Pointy edges are prone to breakage and chipping the most. Rounded and softened edges are stronger than pointed edges and they make for good edge designs. So, you should always think about this scenario as well, when looking through designs of countertop edges. You will do yourself a huge favor by doing so.


There you have it! Now you know everything there is to know about countertop edges and how to pick an edge which will compliment your kitchen with your countertops. You will be blown away by the results. Discuss it with the quartz countertops dealer Potomac you choose and find out which options are practical and which edges are more popular.

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