What Type Of Rug Is The Most Durable

Durability is an important factor when choosing an area rug. Even if you’re getting traditional rugs, the durability will vary on the type of material used for making the rug. Below are the most durable types of rug materials. Choose the top 3 options if you’re buying rugs for a high-traffic area.


Wool is considered the strongest and the most durable rug material, which is why it’s preferred by most people. It repels water and stains so your worries would be less if you have a woolen rug placed in high-traffic places of the house like the living room.

Wool rugs are also favorable for people who have kids or pets because they aren’t ruined as easily as some other materials.

The durability of wool rugs doesn’t affect the comfort and softness that are associated with rugs. In the case of woolen rugs, comfort meets strength and this is why it’s the best-selling rug material.

But be careful. Woolen rugs offer the above qualities, but their cost is also on the higher end. However, if you consider the lifespan of woolen rugs and compare it with other rug materials, you wouldn’t need to replace them often whereas other types like silk rugs would shed more quickly and need to be replaced. So, woolen rugs do provide value for the money.

Most rugs wear with frequent sliding and slipping. To protect your woolen rugs, add a rug pad under them to avoid sliding.


Sisal is a natural fiber (plant-generated) used for making rugs. The sisal fibers are very durable and due to this, sisal rugs are considered an excellent choice for high-traffic areas like entryways and living rooms.

Other than being strong and hard to wear, sisal rugs are also environmentally friendly. Moreover, sisal rugs don’t fade color when exposed to outdoor elements and harsh use. Because of this, they are commonly used in outdoors and offices.

In comparison with wool rugs, which are durable as well, sisal rugs get less dusty. This makes sisal rugs more suitable for people with asthma or other conditions.

Keep in mind that sisal rugs are natural fiber rugs so you should avoid placing them in areas with moisture like kitchens and bathrooms.

Synthetic Rugs (Polypropylene, Nylon, and Others)

Synthetic rug materials like nylon, polyester, and polypropylene and a considered respectable choice for durable rugs. The reason is that they are synthetic and so they are moisture and stain-resistant. They don’t fade and shed.

Plus, synthetic rugs are easy to clean and they also dry quickly. Moreover, they are the type of rugs for high-traffic areas as well as damp areas. So, feel free to use them in your living room, entryway, bathroom, kitchen, hallway and any other part of the house.

On top of that. synthetic rugs don’t fade. Therefore, you can use them in outdoor areas as well like the backyard.

Jute Rugs

They are also made from plant-based fibers like sisal rugs. Jute rugs have many of the same benefits and disadvantages that sisal rugs have. They don’t attract dirt and are safe for people with allergies and pets. But cleaning them is difficult.


Cotton rugs have many good things going for them. They are stress-resistant and durable. Moreover, cotton rugs also absorb dyes very well and don’t fade quickly. They don’t shed like wool or silk rugs and also don’t fade as quickly.

Cotton rugs are probably the easiest to clean type of rugs because they are washable. And due to their natural qualities, they are eco-friendly as well. Furthermore, the cost of cotton rugs is lower than wool and silk. You can buy multiple cotton rugs at the price of one wool rug, which compensates for their lower durability against wool.

On the other hand, cotton rugs are easy to clean but you would need to vacuum them regularly because they get dirty easily. Moreover, you shouldn’t put them in damp areas of the house like bathrooms and outdoors.


When choosing the most durable area rug material, keep in mind the area you want to put it in. For dry areas, use Persian rugs VA made of wool, but if the room or area has moisture, try synthetic area rugs.

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