What Are The Best Pool Landscaping Ideas?

Having a pool in your house is a great way to relax and unwind by spending some time with your friends and family members. However, a pool alone will not add to the appeal of the area if the surrounding is just pale. You need to think of something that makes the entire area feel attractive and welcoming. You should also get some recommendations from your pool contractor. We are going to share some pool landscaping ideas for you to consider.

Create Boundaries With Decorative Walls

If you have a bigger yard, you can consider creating boundaries with decorative walls. Depending on your surroundings, you may or may not have people invading your privacy. But, if you still want to develop some boundaries, you can come up with decorative walls that help improve your privacy as well.

Keep in mind that since you are decorating the walls, you are going to need a good color combination. The best way to do that is by determining the kind of energy and vibe you need for the entire area. As the walls will enclose the entire pool, the color combination will have a lot to say in terms of first impressions.

Usually, for a classic look, a sleek white finish is the best choice. However, you will need to install some trees or plants for the area to turn a little soft. The best thing about white finish is it helps you and others focus on every inch of the detail.

Consider Entertainment

There is no universal purpose of having a pool. Some people have it to spend some time alone, while others wish to build one to entertain their friends and family members. Gone are the days when a single pool was everything you needed.

Today, the area surrounding the pools helps set a unique vibe. A pool is not just meant for sunbathing or swimming, they are also used for entertaining. For instance, some people might simply want to have a visually appealing pool in their backyard without ever jumping inside.

The only reason they want a pool is to have a beautiful landscape or an entertainment area separate from the house, where they can do whatever they want. If you have a small backyard, make sure you consult an expert because you would want the pool to appear as an extension of the house and only a professional can make sure of it.

This helps you achieve both a unique landscape and an entertainment area.

Use Softscaping To Add A Natural Touch

In addition to having decorative walls, you can also opt for softscaping to add some privacy and natural touch to the pool area. Softscaping simply refers to adding some hedges and trees that prevent your neighbors and other people in the surrounding from peering into your outdoor entertaining area.

The best thing is that you are not going to need a wall. All you need to do is hire an arborist who will plant some greenery and help you create heaven on earth. Furthermore, you can never go wrong with plants and trees. Instead of opting for seasonal plants, opt for evergreen plants.

Make sure to maintain the softscaping so that they do not appear out of order. Plus, do not install trees or any other natural item too close to the house. This is because the branches or the trees themselves could damage the house during extreme weather conditions.

Make The Pool Part Of The Landscape

Another great idea for your pool is to make it a part of the landscape. This trend has caught on pretty fast and is now common in the majority of households. A big benefit of this idea is that the pool blends seamlessly into the surrounding area.

Moreover, this idea is a lot more suitable for smaller spaces. If you are not able to build a pool and a separate entertainment area, you can consider this idea and have a two-in-one option. However, keep in mind that such ideas can be slightly expensive. You will need to think it through and decide if it will work for you in terms of purpose and value.

Create A Resort-Like Sanctuary

There is a lot you can do when it comes to pool landscaping ideas but some will never go out of trend. For instance, having a mini-resort in your backyard is like having an entirely separate world. If you have ever stayed or come across a chic boutique hotel, you should take that inspiration and extend it to your backyard.

You should build a visually intriguing landscaping area that will serve as a lounge area as well with some lush green plantations along with luxury furniture to not only add to the final touches but also manage for a very relaxing area. If possible, add one or two trees to lift the planting scheme but make sure they do not grow too big.

Add A Retaining Wall

Don’t want your pool or backyard to have dirt pile? Or want to create a protection from flooring and sinkholes? Build a retaining wall in your backyard. If you consult retaining wall builders Long Island, they will suggest many materials and designs that will accent your home.

Embrace The Gazebo

There was a time when gazebos were quite popular but lost their charm along the way. Today, the trend is back and people are liking it more than ever. There are a few things in your backyard with pool that will look as attractive as a gazebo. Having a gazebo in your pool area is going to create a separate space to introduce new materials uplifting the energy of the area.

Although, you can add some umbrellas for shade by having a gazebo is another thing. Sometimes, gazebos are installed on tiles or stones. However, you can combine it with a wooden deck as well. Wooden decks have made a comeback as well and help your pool area achieve an air of solemnity and calm that is difficult to achieve with other materials.

It is a great option for those properties that have lush greenery and vegetation and is mostly carrying wood. In addition to that, a pool area with wooden features makes it look luxurious as well. Although, it is going to be a bit more labor-intensive in terms of maintenance but will be worth every effort and penny.

Recycled Garden Planters

If you are short on the budget, you should opt for a recycled idea that will do the job equally well. Keep in mind that ideas are not always supposed to be expensive. Instead, one should be smart with them. For instance, if you wish to surround your pool and spa with lush greenery, you should go for recycled tires and install some plants while painting them to give them a unique look.

This will save you some costs that will go into buying pots and other items. Additionally, you can also visit your local warehouse that sells used items. Sometimes, you can come across expensive deals that are being offered in pennies. That said, do not be embarrassed to visit such places but use your creativity to help your landscaping idea stand out.

While others may have spent a fortune to make their pools look splendid, you can achieve the same goal having spent even less than half.


There are unlimited options if you search for pool landscaping. However, not every idea would be the best for you and your space. The above-mentioned are tried and tested and will surely be helpful. Make sure you contact a pool builder Long Island and consider factors such as the available space, budget, etc.

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