What Are The Most Common Car Window Tinting Issues?

Car window tint films are here to stay. While some intend to improve the aesthetic appeal of their vehicles, others look for privacy. Regardless, the issues remain more or less the same. We will discuss some common issues surrounding car window tinting and how you can prevent them.

Bubbling Or Peeling

One of the most common issues in the tinting world is bubbling or peeling. Both could take place due to several reasons. To begin with, not many car enthusiasts are aware of the fact that window tints like ceramic and other coatings require special tools, techniques, and equipment for proper installation.

Furthermore, the tints need to bond properly to the windows, which is referred to as the curing process. Expert installers not only use the right tools but also utilize years of experience to ensure bubble formation or peeling does not take place.

That said, curing is an important part of the process that determines the lifespan of the film. It is mostly dependent on the temperature and weather conditions. Tints installed in the summer season tend to cure relatively faster than tints installed in the winter. The reason is that moisture does not allow the film to stick to the windows.

To prevent such a situation, experts use UV rays or any other reliable heat source to speed up the curing process. This also helps eliminate excess moisture or any remnant that might influence the quality later on.

Fading Or Discoloration

Car window tints tend to fade or discolor with time. Back in the day, dyed window tints were more popular as they were cost-efficient. However, since they were made using color dye, the durability was not impressive. With time, the tints would discolor or fade due to their exposure to the sun.

Today, the most advanced type of film known as ceramic window tints tends to be the most popular and offers years of protection and privacy. These films are made using special materials that can withstand extreme exposure to the sun. However, they are also more expensive.

Apart from the selecting a high-quality tint film type, improper installation could also cause fading. It happens when the film does not adhere to the window properly and allows the UV rays to penetrate and discolor the color.

Scratches Or Damage

Car window tints can also get scratched with time allowing UV rays to penetrate. As a result, you might not be receiving the protection you once did. In addition to that, scratches or damage can also leave out spaces for moisture and other external factors to make their way in.

This can lead to various problems such as fading, peeling, etc. It is often that vehicle owners use improper techniques and sharp tools to clean their vehicles. This could easily cause the tints to scratch. To avoid this, you should always use soft cleaning tools to protect the windows.

Plus, you should also make sure you are not holding any sharp objects in your hand or pockets as the tools can also penetrate through clothes and damage the tints. Some people also complained about their window tints being damaged due to severe hailstorms and snowfall.

As a result, you should always park your vehicles inside the garage or under a shade to prevent direct contact.

Choosing The Wrong Shade

A common mistake made by vehicle owners is choosing a tint that is either too light or dark. Both can be a problem.

If the tints are too light, you might not be able to hide from the prying eyes. But, if the tints happen to be too dark, it could create serious problems while driving at night.

Before you go ahead with tint installation, you must consult an expert. If you are experiencing skin-related issues or other health concerns, you will need darker tints and for that, you might need to acquire a permit depending on the state.

Getting darker tints without a permit can get you trouble. So, firstly, check if the allowed tint percentage is fine for you. But if not, get a permit first before tinting the car windows darker.

In that, getting a paint protection film installed from protective car film shop Springfield is easier because you don’t require any permit for it. You just need to choose the quality and other minor details.

Improper Installation

As mentioned earlier, window tint installation is and should only be done by experts. Searching for authentic film is one thing, opting for someone who is licensed and carries years of experience is another. Even if you opt for the most expensive tints out there, choosing an amateur will make your money go down the drain.

In some cases, it could also result in uneven spaces between the tint film and the edges of the car’s glass.

While searching for an experienced individual, you will come across many who are willing to offer their services at a lower price. This might be tempting but will compromise the entire process. Therefore, think of it as an investment and choose an installer who offers a guarantee.

How To Install Car Window Tints?

Installing window tints is a relatively straightforward process if you are familiar with using the right tools and techniques. To begin with, the windows are thoroughly cleaned using special cleaners to remove dirt, dust, and other contaminants that are not visible.

Then, the dimensions of the windows are recorded and the film is cut into pieces accordingly. Next, the installer sprays a liquid solution on the film and places it on the window to ensure proper placement. Using a squeegee, the installer removes excess solution and give the final touches.

In the end, the tints are left to cure for a certain period. Remember, if you are installing the tints on your own, make sure not to roll up and down the windows for a few hours or days depending on the weather conditions.

Additionally, it is quite normal for small bubbles to form after successful installation of the tints. You can use a hair dryer or any other heat source to remove them. However, if they are noticeable and large, you might need an expert to replace the film.

Can I Install Window Tints Myself?

Window tint installation can be done at home provided you have the proper skills and tools. Some vehicles come with windows that are relatively difficult to tint due to their curves and angles. Tinting your windows at home might save you some money but not in the long run.

Modern tints like ceramic films are expensive and require years of effort and experience. It is not only about the quality and tools but also the technique. This is why it is usually recommended to choose a retailer that offers installation services as well.

This way, you will be assured that your investment is safe even after the installation.


When dealing with car window tinting issues, it is always best to start with proper techniques and choose an authentic retailer. Make sure to maintain the tints by using soft cleaning tools and non-abrasive solutions. And if the installation does not go your way, go to an auto tint shop Springfield. The expert will check the tints and fix them if they can. But if the tints are beyond saving, they will recommend a replacement.

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