What You Should Know About Dyed Car Window Tints

There are many types of auto glass tinting available in the market such as clear window tints, metallic window tints, ceramic tints, dyed tints, and carbon car window tints. Among them, dyed tints are the cheapest and considered entry-level tints for auto windows that are excellent for people with tight budget. Let’s learn more about dyed tints for vehicles.

What Are Dyed Window Tints?

They are films which are dyed to different percentages of darkness to be installed to vehicles’ windows. As mentioned, they come in different shades known as VLT or visible light transmission. If a dyed film has 0% VLT, it is the darkest film. Similarly, a film with 100% would be a clear film.

Most vehicle owners who are not concerned with the longevity of car window tints, warranties or scratch-resistance, choose dyed tints. This is because they perform the basic function of darkening the windows. Some high grade dyed films also protect you and the vehicle from UV rays.

Do Dyed Tints Reduce Heat Inside The Car?

Other types of tints do reduce heat inside the vehicle, but dyed window films don’t provide this important feature. This is one of reasons anyone with a better budget would explore other options of car glass tinting.

Can A Dyed Film Be Of Any Other Color?

It’s the easiest for dyed window films to have different colors because they are films that can be dyed with any color. However, different states in the USA don’t allow certain types of tint colors. Check with your state laws before choosing a color for your car windows. If you’re not sure, choose an 80% percentage of black dyed tint.

Are Dyed Window Tints Better Than Ceramic Tints?

Not at all. Dyed tints are the entry-level automotive window tints which offer one of the three main objectives of tinting: dark windows.

On the other side, ceramic tints are higher in regard of quality and features from dyed tints. They also fulfill all three requirements for car window tints:

  1. Provide privacy with darkened windows
  2. Block 99.9% of UV rays
  3. Reduce heat inside the vehicle by blocking the sun rays that causes heat

So, dyed tints may help in blocking the UV rays, they don’t offer the solution to heat problem. They don’t offer blocking of infrared radiation. This, in turn, heats up the vehicle. If we look into ceramic films, they use nanotechnology to reflect heat and UV rays.

What Are The Best Types Of Automotive Tints?

Other than ceramic tints, every type of tint film is better than dyed tints. Here are some of the best tints:

Metalized Tints

Like ceramic tints, metalized tints also reduce heat inside the vehicle other than providing privacy and blocking UV rays. It reflects heat by the thin layer of a metal film and reduce wear and tear inside the vehicle other than preventing the people in it from exposure to the harmful sun rays.

Furthermore, metalized films are more durable than dyed films and easily last longer than their entry-level counterpart. They also have the properties of scratch-resistance which dyed tints lack.

The only disadvantage of metalized tints is they may intercept your cell reception and satellite radio reception. As most people like to use their gadgets inside the car, metalized tints are avoided due to this reason.

Carbon Automotive Tints

They are also known as infrared rejection film and considered by many the best type of window tints in the automotive industry. Carbon car window tints block the infrared rays that cause the greenhouse effect better than any type of tint film. This also translates to better gas mileage because you won’t be using the AC on high settings.

They are similar to ceramic tints because they use carbon particles to block heat and harmful rays, but better. They don’t use any metal and don’t have the drawback of intercepting cell reception.

Final Word

Dyed window tints are considered the cheapest auto tinting option. They offer privacy and some brands provide dyed films that block UV rays. They are best for vehicle owners who are looking for the most cost-effective option. If you can expand the budget, go to a certified car window tinting shop Springfield and select, ceramic or carbon tints.

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