How To Collect Online Reviews For Your Law Practice

Law firms have jumped into the world of online reviews. With businesses striving on the internet, both lawyers and law firms do not have any excuse not to jump on the bandwagon as well. Since users tend to search businesses over the internet before opting for their products or services, it is only right that you put in an effort to make your reputation shine. So, let’s take a look into how to get reviews for your law practice.

Provide Services That Are Review Worthy

The first and most obvious step is to give top-notch services to your clients. Providing high-quality services to your clients will make them pen down reviews. Otherwise, if 5-star services are not being provided, your customers won’t feel bothered to give any reviews either.

On the other hand, being a lawyer or running a law firm is not easy. You will be dealing with loads of different clients on a daily basis based on different cases and situations, which adds to the stress and frustration. However, it is your job to provide support and confidence to your clients.

The best way to do that is by helping your clients relax and answer their questions patiently. You should look at it from their perspective. This way, even if the ruling does not come in their favor, they can look back at you thinking that you helped them as much as you could considering the circumstances.

Create Profiles On Top-Tier Review Sites

What most lawyers and law firms fail to understand is that when it comes to collecting reviews, presence is the only factor that can get them some. What this means is that you need to be present on top-tier review sites for customers to notice. This way, your customers will leave reviews and testimonials. Ultimately, you have more and more clients heading your way.

Keep in mind that Google keeps track of the positive reviews when it comes to ranking a business in the search results. Therefore, you need to be visible on review sites for your customers and Google to know that you are an authentic law firm and that people can trust you.

Ask When They Are The Happiest

There is no doubt that being a lawyer is stressful but being a victim in a case isn’t easy either. As mentioned previously, your client is supposed to be nervous and anxious throughout the case even if he/she was to know that the decision was most likely to come in their favor.

Therefore, it is normal for clients to look depressed, sad, and scared. This means that it wouldn’t be the right time to ask them for reviews. Instead, offer your services and ask them for reviews when they have come out winning the case and tend to be the happiest.

This is something your clients would love to do and would immediately pen down something that provokes others to opt for your services as well.

Send Email Or Text Message Reminders

Sending emails or text message reminders is another great way of collecting online reviews. However, there are certain emailing rules attached. For instance, you should not bombard your client with emails and text messages. Send them a reminder during the right time of the day.

And if they do not tend to reply, you should wait a while and try again. But if you notice that you aren’t receiving any replies, it means the client is either busy or simply not bothered about the review, so you should let them be.

Offer Incentives

Asking for reviews in return for incentives can sometimes go against ethics. However, if done the right way, there should be any harm. If you are offering incentives through platforms, you have to be careful about certain strict regulations.

You can encourage your clients to leave you a review but avoid offering a one-to-one exchange. One way around this is by offering a discount. This way, you will get to increase the sales and not reviews. Plus, you won’t be offering this to a couple of your customers but to everyone willing to pen down a review.

And another way is to ask your clients to join your Facebook and Instagram pages while visiting your office. Here, you are not asking for reviews but simply asking them to join your page. As a result, they might be provoked to pen down a review once they have utilized your services.

Final Word

Collecting reviews for your law practice should not be complicated. To generate reviews, you simply need to deal with every client separately and let your services do the talking. And within a short span of time, you shall notice your profiles receiving multiple reviews on a daily basis.

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