Can kitchen remodeling increase your house value?

Do you want to increase the value of your house? Well, if you have a decent budget, then kitchen remodeling and renovation might be the best option for you. After all, a kitchen is an important part of all modern houses.

This might be particularly helpful for you if you have plans to list your house on the market. A refreshed kitchen will certainly improve the bids and attract wealthier buyers who are willing to invest a good amount of money.

To start off, you must understand that kitchen remodeling can be expensive. Unlike other cheaper home additions and renovations, kitchen remodeling takes a lot more. But that would depend on your pockets and the changes that you want.

For a full remodeling from scratch, expect to spend anywhere around $60k or more. However, if you are limited on the budget, then some small tweaks in the cabinets and the countertops along with new paint can do wonders.

Can it increase resale value?

Indeed, remodeling the kitchen to list your house on the market is a strategic decision. More often than not, buyers are more eager to purchase properties that have been renovated newly or look just as new. And kitchen renovation is certainly going to help you give that impression to your potential buyers.

Even if we are not concerned with the return on investment, a new kitchen will significantly enhance your experience and lifestyle. The addition of new amenities with a refreshed look will make dining in the kitchen more enjoyable than ever.

Most important kitchen upgrades

Now, let us talk about some of the important kitchen upgrades that can increase your house value in 2021. The first suggestion would be to update the cabinets. Nowadays, houses with a modern and minimal look are more popular among buyers.

Of course, there is a niche market that loves everything exotic. But you are more likely to find higher paying customers if you stick with what is more popular. So, consider giving your cabinets a minimalist look and a sleek vibe.

For this, you will need a possible budget between $5k and $7k. However, depending on the material that you choose, this could be a lot higher and lower as well. Alternatively, you could also just refresh your existing cabinets with some polish.

Other than that, upgrading the kitchen countertops might also be a great idea. After all, countertops are the heart of a kitchen. Adding a good marble or granite slab will give your kitchen that luxurious yet minimalist feel that buyers nowadays dig.

Similarly, the sink is also an important part of the kitchen. This is the one thing that many homeowners do not focus on and yet it also stands out, and sometimes ruins the look of an otherwise sleek kitchen. Also, this is the one thing that your buyers will not ignore either. So, the quality of your kitchen sink matters a lot. Typically, upgrading a kitchen sink will cost you between $500 and $2000. But of course, luxury has no limit.


The ideas for kitchen remodeling mentioned above are quite hot these days. By following these tips, you are more than likely to get a better price for your house if you list it on the market. Either way, it shall also improve your kitchen experience, hence improving your lifestyle.

For more information, we suggest you look for top-rated kitchen remodeling companies Silver Spring and get a quote. Make sure that you let the professionals know about your expectations and requirements so that in the end, the remodeling and renovation are according to your taste.

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