Should you get keratin treatment?

The keratin treatment by hairstylist is a chemical technique that straightens hair, adds shine and silkiness, and reduces frizz. The procedure begins in a salon, where the hairstylist first cleanses your hair. The therapy is then administered and timed, preferably for thirty minutes. Some hairdressers blow-dry the hair before applying the treatment and sealing it in with a flat iron. The procedure can take several hours, and the therapy lasts around six months.

Keratin Treatment Benefits

Keratin, a protein found in hair and nails, is produced by the body. Keratin is also found in several shampoos hair conditioners. The largest effect, however, may only be seen by receiving a properly done keratin treatment at a salon.

The following are some of the benefits of keratin treatment.

Smooth, gleaming hair

Keratin smoothes the hair by streamlining the cells that make up the hair strand. This provides your hair with a sleek, smooth appearance with less frizz. It also temporarily lowers split ends by re-bonding the hair strands.

Rapid hair growth

Keratin also strengthens the hair, making it less prone to breakage at the ends. This causes the hair to grow quicker and strengthens it. The therapy also has a longer duration. It will last up to 6 months if not you do not wash them frequently. That will only happen if you only wash your hair when it is an absolute requirement, which should be twice a week.

Improve your hair management.

The Keratin treatment strengthens your hair. It also allows it to air dry quickly, which means you will use less heat to dry it. Lessening the amount of heat you expose your hair to help make it stronger and healthier. Furthermore, because keratin treatments make your hair less frizzy, it becomes easier to manage.

Keratin treatment disadvantages

While keratin treatments offer numerous advantages, they also have a number of dangers that you should be aware of before attempting them.

The following are some of the disadvantages of obtaining a keratin treatment.


Many keratin treatments use formaldehyde, which is a possible carcinogen. Formaldehyde is responsible for the hair’s straight and silky appearance. It is, however, poisonous and can be hazardous if one inhales it,

Some treatments are free of formaldehyde. Instead, they make do with replacements. However, such keratin treatments are less effective than those with formaldehyde.

Expensive price

Keratin treatments may be rather costly, especially if you need to repeat them every 6 months. You may also perform these treatments at home to save money, but the outcomes will not be the same. Keratin treatments done at home may not even last as long.

However, experts recommend that keratin treatments be done no more than three times a year. While they may momentarily improve the appearance of your hair, they will end up harming it over time.

Keratin treatments may be quite difficult to keep up with. You must be cautious about the sort of water you use to wash your hair, and you must not wash it soon after the treatment. It is possible that you may have to wait a few days before cleaning them again. Even after the treatment, we suggest you wash it twice a week. Keratin treatments are not suitable for pregnant women owing to the dangers of the chemicals in them.


Keratin treatments can make your hair smoother, shinier, and stronger. They are, however, prohibitively costly, and the poisonous chemicals can be hazardous. Formaldehyde-free treatments are available, although they may not produce the same effects. However, we recommend that you only go to hair straightening salons Rockville that do not use products with formaldehyde.

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