Pros And Cons Of Hair Rebonding

Hair rebonding is a very common and popular treatment provided by many permanent hair straightening salons. It gives amazing results and is long-lasting. But even something this good has its disadvantages. Here’s everything you need to know about hair rebonding.

Pros Of Hair Rebonding

Permanent Straight Hair

One of the main benefits of hair rebonding is the result of smooth and straight hair. It will give your hair a beautiful sleek look and it’s long-lasting. It is not a temporary technique, so the hair will remain straight for as long as a year if you maintain it properly.

You also don’t need to style it a lot, because straight hair looks beautiful on its own and there is no appearance of frizz in the hair either. It makes your hair appear healthier and shinier.

Goodbye Tangled Hair

If your hair gets tangled very easily and you are sick and tired of brushing the knots and kinks out of your mane, then you should definitely consider hair rebonding. It’s a great way to get rid of the excess frizz and tangles in your hair and it will lead to smooth and sleek hair.

Your hair will also be super soft and manageable after this treatment and since this is a long-lasting hair straightening technique, the results will be the same, even after a long time has passed. You will be pleased with the texture and feel of your hair.

Smooth And Clean Hair

Hair rebonding is not only a hair straightening technique, but it also cleans the scalp and hair nicely. It exfoliates the scalp, to get rid of any excess sedum, product buildup, and even dandruff. Your hair will be so much healthier after this and you will also see a significant difference in your hair growth.

Since the scalp is not clogged and nourished, it will provide a good root and foundation for new hair follicles to grow. Not to mention, your hair will also feel super soft and smooth and this is not just because of the products being used on the hair, but the fact that your scalp and hair are nice and clean.

Cons Of Hair Rebonding

Extremely Expensive

Hair rebonding is great and all, but one of the greatest disadvantages of this treatment is that it’s super expensive. It’s not something you can do every day and most people save hair rebonding for special occasions. It can range anywhere between $800 to $2000 depending on your hair length and the salon you’re going to get this procedure done.

It can be an extremely high splurge on hair, and it’s one of the reasons why it’s not something women go for because they can’t justify the price.

Not Great For Curly Hair

If you have naturally wavy and straight hair, then you can certainly get hair rebonding done to improve the texture of your hair and make it permanently straight. But for women with curly and super thick hair, hair rebonding may not give the results that it promises.

Because curly hair has a thicker shaft and is more dense than straight or slightly wavy hair, this technique will not make the hair completely straight and the results might look very different, as compared to if this was done to someone with wavy or already straight hair in the first place.

Can Damage The Hair

Hair rebonding is not all roses and sunshine. Even though it does make the hair smooth and super straight, it does come with its damage. It is not a great thing to go for if your hair is already damaged and dry.

For maintenance of hair rebonding, you will need a lot of moisturizing and straightening products, and the use of excessive heat during the process can greatly damage the hair and make it super dry and frizzy if you don’t take care of it properly. This is why you need to think about rebonding before getting it done.


There you have it! Hair rebonding is great, but you should also keep in mind its pros and cons and how it affects the general health of your hair before you book your appointment with a Japanese hair straightening salon Rockville.

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