How Do You Plan A Party For 50 People

A small gathering is a great way to get your close people together and have a good time. You need some arrangements to do and need the help of party and tent rentals. If you want to know the top tips for hosting an intimate party, then keep on reading.

Decide The Venue

Fifty people can be a lot if you don’t have the right venue to accommodate everyone. This can be very easy with a bit of homework on your end. If you are hosting a small party, then your backyard is perfect for this job. If you don’t have a backyard, then your next option may be a rooftop restaurant or a reception area. This all depends on party budget. If you are tight on a budget then you have to make do with what you have already.

Don’t Go Overboard With Food

Food can be an intimidating thing to prepare, so it’s best if you keep things simple and go for easy foods which are tasty but super-fast to whip up. You can go for sliders which can be made in batches very easily. Soups are also a good option because they are a wonderful starter and one big pot of soup can feed a lot of people. Having easy grab-and-go things for your food is going to be a lifesaver for you. You can also have some fried food options which are easy to make and they disappear faster than you can make them. You can hire caterer for your party to solve the food problem.

A Drink Station

As far as drinks are concerned, you will be needing a small station where all of the drinks are set up. Having big pitchers and dispensers are great for parties like these. People can help themselves and they can choose from the variety you have to offer. You can have punches, summer spritzers, and fruit juices to have a wide range of variety, for all the adults and kids at the party.

Have some glasses and pour ladles on the side and you have yourself a great drinking station that people will make good use of, during the party.

Tone Down The Décor

If it’s just 50 people, then you don’t need to go all out with the décor. Simple parties are sometimes the best and you can make wonderful décor with things lying around your house and with nature. If you are having your party outside, then nature will be your best friend as far as décor is concerned.

You just need to hang some small twinkling lights from the trees and this will give your entire party a whimsical theme. Try to spend less on décor, since this is literally the most unnecessary thing in a small party of 50 people.

Have Some Fun Activities

A party is not fun without good activities and entertainment. You want to keep everyone engaged and games and small knick-knacks are great for keeping the crowd together. You can have small games like treasure hunts and surprise scavenger hunts and the best part about these games is that both adults and children can play these games and they are super engaging.

No one will be sitting around looking into space when there is so much fun. Try to make these treasure hunts a lot more interesting by putting in hints which are hard to crack. People will have a great time getting to the end of the game.

Fun Ways Of Inviting

If you are looking for fun ways to invite people to your small party, then you can make handmade invitations and post them to your guests. Since it is only 50 people, handmade invitations are quite doable and you won’t be exhausted at the end of the day. Try to make the invitations creative and add a personal flair to them as well. This will make your invitation stand out amongst the other generic ones.


There you have it! These tips are not only great for small gatherings but also for bigger gatherings given that you communicate early on with party rentals Rockland NY and rent the things you need. You will see the difference in the organization of the party when you follow the above steps.

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