How To Straighten Your Hair Extensions

If you can’t decide whether you want short or long hair and are not too into the idea of cutting your hair for good, then extensions from a hair salon are the way to go. Here are some easy ways by which you can straighten and style your extensions.

Straighten Them Before Clipping

There are 2 main methods by which you can style or straighten your hair extensions. The first method is by doing it before applying or clipping it on your hair and the second is styling the extensions after clipping them in the hair. The styling before the application is much easier and you have more control over the style and how you want the extensions to look.

To do this, you will need a straightening iron, some hair spray, a heat protectant, and a hanger. Try to find a hanger that can easily slip your extensions in place. This will hold the extensions in place while you are styling them.

Now, go over the extensions with a liberal amount of heat protectant spray and let them sit for some time. After the time is up, you want to let your heating tool get to the right temperature. When it reaches the desired temperature, you want to straighten your extensions, taking small sections at a time. You will be in no time at all, especially since you have little to no obstructions in the way of styling your extensions.

You can even do it the night before and let it sit on the hanger, so you can just clip in the prepared extensions in the morning. When the styling is complete, you want to apply some hair spray and frizz control serum and you are good to go.

Straightening Extensions After Application

If you don’t want to style your extensions before application, you can certainly do so when the extensions are clipped in place. This will take a little bit more time than the previous procedure, but you will get there and you will have great results in the end.

You want to style your hair in the same way you would normally do it. Just spray your hair with hair spray and heat protectant and glide the straightener through the hair and the extensions, making sure that your hair is free from knots and tangles.

Once all the hair is done, you can set the style in place with some hair spray and you are good to go.

Straighten Extensions Without Heat Tools

Another great way by which you can style or straighten your hair extensions without any heat tools is to apply a smoothing serum on the extensions and let them sit on the hanger or straight down. This will straighten your extensions naturally by letting gravity do all the work. Just make sure to brush your hair smoothly and then you are good to apply for these newly straightened extensions.

Don’t Forget Hair Spray

Real hair or not, you need hairspray to hold the style in place. You can’t expect the hair to hold the style without any spray or pomade in your hair. So, make sure that you always set your hairstyle with some hairstyle. Use a strong hold hair spray as this will keep the style in place for hours, even if you have super soft and silky hair. You will thank yourself later for this.

Make Sure To Moisturize And Condition

Your hair extensions need to be conditioned too if you want them to remain silky and straight for a long time. Try to apply a good amount of leave-in conditioner in your extensions when you are done using them. This will make sure that there is no frizz in the hair and you will see how shiny the extensions will look once you condition them. Also, you can apply some sort of hair mask or protein-rich treatment to the extensions too, as this will also make the extensions look healthy, shiny, and smooth.


There you have it! These ways are much easier to style your extensions. The style will be continuous throughout and you won’t miss a spot. Get extensions from a reputed hair extensions salon so they don’t get damaged during straightening. hypno

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