How Do I Separate From My Husband In The Same House

Divorce is a difficult phase and surely takes a toll on your physical, mental, and financial health. There is a rule in some states regarding divorce that they should go through a trial separation for 6 or 12 months before an actual divorce. In this case, you are separated but living in the same house. Find a divorce attorney to guide you or use the below tips.

Is It Possible To Live In The Same House And Be Separated?

Yes, it is possible to be separated and live in the same house. Sometimes due to children or financial issues, it is not possible for you to immediately move out of your home, and in that case, you have to live with your husband and be separated as well. But in such a case, there should be some rules to follow and to set certain boundaries which you and your partner should abide by at any cost.

It is not easy to live in the same house while being separated. You need to know the rules of your State concerning how to live apart in the same house. In case this is a requirement for your future divorce, then you have to make sure there is no chance of mishap. You will now have new rules for the same house.

No Intimacy

First things first, you will have to stop everything you did as a married couple and this majorly includes intimacy, being close, and feelings. You will need to sleep and stay in different rooms as well.

Borderline Your Responsibilities

You are not a couple now, so you gave up all the activities you used to do before separation. Take charge of different responsibilities. You are not in charge of making breakfast, lunch, or dinner for your spouse. Moreover, you are not cleaning the house together or doing their laundry or taking care of the kids together. You will have to dividce the responsibilities and each will take care of his or her part of the work.

No Family Time Together

You are not going to watch movies together with your spouse or go to get groceries with them or attend functions or get together. If the attendance of both of you is a must, then you both should commute separately and not interact at the event and leave separately as well. Or if possible then either one of you should attend. You are not going to do anything as a family.

Separate Finances

Separate your bills, your payments, your accounts, your salary, and your money. You should take care of your own stuff. Make a joint account for a house mortgage and children’s support as you both will equally have to contribute to that.


You are not allowed to date anyone till you are on a trial separation because you are not officially divorced yet. But yes, if you are still living in the same house after divorce due to certain circumstances then you are allowed to date anyone else.

Custody Schedule

Create a custody schedule or timetable for your kids, where one of you is responsible for every duty of the kids while the other should not interfere.

Social Activities

You will have to inform your close friends and family members regarding your decision so that they do not invite you to social friends and family gatherings. You should completely avoid going to family vacations and gatherings and even events such as holidays and weddings. Only attend if it’s extremely necessary. Stop wearing your wedding rings and also do not post about each other on social media. Let all your co-workers and neighbors know that you are living just for the sake of it or just to attain a divorce.

Does Separation In The Same House Works?

In most cases it does, but you have to be adamant about the situation and should intend to get over with your separation and get divorced as soon as the trial period is over. You will have to justify your living conditions and attitude with your partner to the court to justify the divorce.

It is not easy to live in the same house as your once-loved spouse. You will face emotions and feelings as well but if you want to go through this, stick to your decision. Talk to a family lawyer Fairfax VA if you need help.

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