When to Let Go of Your Love and Relationship?

One of the toughest things in life is letting go. Usually, as your emotions cloud your logic and since your feelings make it more difficult for you to focus, it seems that letting go can be complicated and confusing.

If you feel like you want to let go of someone, below are the things that will let you know when to do it:

Your Trust is Broken Always

You are vulnerable when you are in love with the event, accomplishment, person, or idea. They say that loving is letting other parties hurt you. However, you are trusting them to not do it. If your lover hurts you consistently or your loved ones do not care about your feelings, it is time to let go.

You’re Changing to Someone You Are Not

Your vision and personal values are the things that make you. If your lover or friend is turning you into someone you are not, it’s time to let go.

Staying Makes You Feel Frustrated, Broken, and Depressed

You definitely don’t like your lover if you do not know why you entered it in the first place. You hate who are you with or what you are doing. You are also not motivated to continue with it.

Your Self-Worth is Under-Appreciated

If you don’t feel good anymore, you have to let go since it is already taking you for granted. While it seems like you are the only one who chases your partner, stop and do yourself a favor. This will help you be free from beating up yourself daily.

You Don’t Remember the Last Time You’re Happy

If you are not happy and you have already forgotten the last time you were, then it is a sign that you should let go. Never force yourself. If you haven’t felt the happiness you deserve for many years, you have to move on and let go.

You Don’t Acknowledge the Present Because It Hurts Badly

Rather than facing your present situation, you want to live in the past because your memories back then make you comfortable and happy. With this, you are living in a delusion and you’re fooling yourself to thinking that everything would work out in the end even if each fiber in your being knows that it isn’t.

Everything Stays the Same Even If You Have Exhausted All Your Efforts

If you think you have done everything that you can when all of the promises are just empty words and not worth your money, time, frustration, or tears, you should let go. You are not living in fairy tales. Every person breaks promises. Your loved ones will hurt and fool you. Not everyone will look out for you. Get rid of the toxic that holding you up. You deserve better. Just let go and live your life.

Inconsistency Every Single Time

If your partner sways you easily, you will not be able to fix everything. if he is saying something and acting differently, it is typically a bad sign.

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