What Is Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome

Sudden branch drop syndrome is a common occurrence around the world. It is a phenomenon where a tree branch will simply pop off without any notice on a windless, calm day. For years, arborists and scientists have been trying to figure out what it actually is. Fortunately, now, all arborist services have the answer. Let’s discuss.

Why Does Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome Occur?

The sudden branch drop syndrome has had many trying to race themselves to find out the right answer. As we speak, there is industry-wide consensus as to why some trees have their branches fall off. While some argue that it has to do with the humidity levels in the tree, others are of the view that some other unknown factors trigger the issue.

Trees release water into the atmosphere via a process called evapotranspiration. The process is similar to humans releasing heating through sweating. So, one theory that is argued is that a branch may hold too much humidity in its tree canopies which limits evapotranspiration. As a result, this increases the moisture content within the branches, which eventually leads to limb failure.

Furthermore, leading arborists also argue that a sudden branch drop could be caused due to drought stress, change in the branch movement and deterioration in the cell wall structure, etc.

How To Prevent Sudden Branch Drop?

Although, the majority of arborists agree that the sudden branch drop syndrome is mostly related to weakness but it could also happen to trees that are perfectly healthy. Therefore, if you recently observed a sudden branch drop syndrome taking place, you should try to avoid passing under the tree.

And if that tree happens to be near your house within your vicinity, you should inspect it. If there are any signs of bleeding, pest infections, etc. you should get it fixed immediately. At the same time, do not place tables or benches under such trees that suffer from sudden branch drops.

What Can You Do About The Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome?

Well, a sudden branch drop syndrome is something you cannot do much about. However, as mentioned earlier, it could be prevented. For instance, you should hire a professional to look after all your trees, plants and shrubs, etc.

If you have older trees in your backyard, there is a huge chance they are suffering from infections or other tree diseases that might weaken the branches, resulting in falling. Furthermore, you should also make sure that you are regularly mulching, fertilizing, and watering your trees to help them sustain their health and structure.

And finally, if you notice a branch falling from the tree, you should consult an arborist to check out the issue. The arborist might help reduce the risk of it happening again.

Do I Need An Arborist To Maintain The Trees?

When it comes to maintaining your trees, especially the ones that are bigger than the rest, it is better that you hire an expert to maintain them. Even if you have the right skills and information, you have a huge chance of injuring yourself as anything unexpected can occur.

Another reason you need an expert on your side is that he can spot unusual signs and activity that might cause serious damage down the road. For example, you might have observed a tree shedding leaves assuming it is completely normal.

However, upon inspection, the arborist may find out that the tree is suffering from a disease and is slowly weakening. Therefore, preventing potentially harmful diseases from taking place.

What Trees Are Common Victims Of Summer Branch Drop?

Although the sudden branch drop syndrome can happen to any tree out there, the most common species that experience it includes Elm, Oak, Beech, Eucalyptus, etc. That said, if you have any of these trees installed on your property, you should keep a close eye on them. Do not let your children sit or play underneath such trees.

Final Word

Even though a sudden branch drop syndrome cannot be stopped but can be prevented and avoided. Follow the tips mentioned above to make sure you are always on the safe side. In case, the tree is unsafe for people or property and you want it removed, get in touch with tree cutting services Chevy Chase.

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