What Renovations Increase Condo Value The Most

If you own a condo and want to renovate it, you would already know how difficult it is but not impossible. Condos as compared to other types of properties tend to be slightly difficult considering the regulations and other factors. Therefore, you need the help of home addition companies to remodel your condo by following the local laws. We are going to share some tips that will help you increase your condo’s market value should you decide to sell it in the future.

Purchase & Install New Appliances

The first thing you can do is purchase and install new appliances. In most cases, people tend to modernize their condos and apartments by offering a completely new look but ignore the appliances. The last thing you would want is your condo looking fresh from every angle but the appliances making it appear archaic.

The best way to do that is by opting for stainless steel appliances. You will have to spend some money but think of it as an investment. Sooner or later, you will need to change the existing appliances and renovation is a great excuse to do that when you have the opportunity.

Paint & Redo Flooring

Imagine yourself as a customer who is looking for a condo. The first thing you will look at soon as you walk inside is the walls and floors. No matter how advanced or well-decorated the condo is, the paint and the flooring matter the most. In other words, both condo flooring and paint help make the first impression.

So, if you have rugs or carpets in the condo or have wallpapers installed, you will need to make sure they are neat and fresh. Stained carpets and walls will only make things worse.

Touch Up The Bathroom

Surprisingly, bathroom renovation is the most overlooked factor when it comes to condo upgrades. Almost everyone likes to unwind with a relaxing bath after having a long day at work. If that is the case with you as well, you might regularly spend somewhere around 15-30 minutes every day inside the bathroom.

However, that won’t be possible if there is rust, stains, and cracks everywhere. Then again, you need to think from the customer’s perspective as well. Analyze the current situation of your bathroom and replace the items that are rustic or damaged.

You do not need to opt for expensive replacements or replace every single item, just those that need an upgrade. It can be the drawers, cabinets, sink, countertops, etc.

Finish The Basement

If your condo has a basement, finishing it or giving it a completely new look is going to significantly up the price. But you will need to be smart here. The reason is that you can do a lot with a spare basement but not everything will increase the value. Think of it as an empty space that you can utilize for practical purposes.

For instance, you can turn it into a study room, a playing room for your kids, or simply a storage room. You can also turn it into a guest room provided that you install some windows and work on the ventilation as well.

Upgrade The Kitchen

Upgrading the kitchen scores the most points in the majority of the cases. Even if you do not use it regularly, from the market’s perspective, it needs to be clean and working to receive attention. This is that one thing where you can put your money and never face a loss. Kitchen renovations tend to be the most beneficial in terms of return on investments.

Therefore, look around and see what needs to be replaced. From the handles to the countertops, making both slight and major changes will bring out the otherwise hidden charm.

Upgrade the Security System

With rising inflation, there is no surprise that thefts are record high around the world. This means that you need to look out for yourself. And the only way to do that is by investing in a security system. This is going to be an expensive investment but will surely put your condo in the premium category.


The above-mentioned tips are tried and tested when it comes to improving the market value of properties. And since your condo is not an exception, you should consider condo remodel DC if not already.

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